Adult Changing Table
Patient Safety USA | Nursing Home Shower Seats
Hospitals, assisted living facilities, and private homes in the Washington D.C. area will all benefit from installation of our reliabl...
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Nursing Home Sinks Offer Easy Access To The Elderly
Running a nursing home is a big responsibility as you don't want the elderly people to feel alone and embarrassed just because they're...
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Adult Changing Table Ensure Safety While Dressing To Elders
Looking after the elderly can be a challenging task as they are just like the kids, but in a bigger size and age. They need the same care and love you would give to the tiny tots. If you running a ...
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Handicap Shower Seat Handicap Shower Seat
Pressalit Care PLUS Bathroom (FR)
A Social Media Story storified by Patient Safety USA
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Adult Changing Table Adult Changing Table